image002Get ready to lose yourself to J. Bruno. Ready with the track “Lose Yourself”, vintage vibey rhythm box and J. Bruno’s insisting and upfront lead vocal forms the base of song. It’s hard not to obey when Bruno chants “Baby lose yourself” swept in his groovy and classy-slacker universe of sound. The track draws on both pop and hiphop inspirations, but in a hippie-sort-of-way, where the main focal point is J. Bruno’s clear and rhythmic vocal that has a persuading cool and old school sound to it. This single is leading up to the release of his first EP.

J. Bruno elaborates on the song: “Lose Yourself is an anthem for people in love. The people who feast on fleeting glimpses, hello’s and goodbye’s, semi affectionate text messages. People who have dreams to make love a reality. Those who dance with strangers only to find that there is someone special out there. Someone you might not be able to reach. I say don’t let go, stop swiping, get real.”

J. Bruno makes slow and groovy pop songs packed in an oozing lo-fi and a tight bottom. J croons and whispers through romantic stories in a picturesque universe infused by a mix of soul, psychedelic rock and old school love ballads.
When asked, J. Bruno labels his sound as how he imagines a wedding would sound in the late 70s – and it could be described as Simon & Garfunkel meets Tame Impala meets The War On Drugs. Or as a spectator put it after a show: “It’s brilliant songwriting with a slacker attitude” and “The perfect soundtrack for Copenhagen summer 2017” as the blog Scandinavian Standard put it.image003(5)
So far J. Bruno has put out 4 singles. The songs have made it to several high profile Spotify playlists such as Fresh Finds, New Music Friday Sweden and New Music Friday Iceland. The single “Believe in Love” spent 13 weeks as no 1 on the Danish broadcasting alternative chart DR P3 as did another of his recent singles.

For the time being J. Bruno is wrapping up material for a mixtape (EP) to put out in the fall of 2018. As a live act, the quintet submerges itself and the audience into a groovy pool of alternative pop music. The tight group masters both funkiness, sexy dance steps and a good amount of well-placed slacker-attitude. This delicate cocktail has earned the J. Bruno a reputation as a solid live act and they have proved himself on numerous occasions during festivals and shows in Copenhagen and Aarhus during 2017. Apart from J. Bruno, Jakob Bruno also plays the drums in The Libertines bassist’s solo gig John Hassall & The April Rainers.

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