New York, New York (September 28, 2018)– Latin pop artist Alus debuts her seductive new music video for single, “Ooh Papi.” Brace yourself. Alus is heating up this Fall with her red-hot new music video. “Ooh Papi” is, as the title suggests, a provocative ballad that highlights the glamour of being an independent woman. The visual truly embodies her personality. Alus is a proud, independent woman unashamed of her Puerto Rican roots.

“Ooh Papi” begins with Alus waving a Puerto Rican flag while cruising down the sidewalk on a lowrider bicycle. Viewers will instantly be captivated by her beauty. Alus’ charm is given an edge when she sings, “ooh papi” with gold bottom grillz in her mouth. The camera shifts between close-ups of Alus at her sultriest which is reinforced by dance sequences intertwined with each scene. At the songs bridge, Alus sings, “If you don’t need no one than let me hear you sing (ooh).” The call and response affirms her message and leads to an infectious hook that will get stuck in your mind.

Her song will entice pop music fans to learn more about Alus. Gaining heavy inspiration from artists like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, the New Jersey native received national attention after working with Steve Rifkind and Russell Simmons on her breakout single, “Ordinary Girl.” “Ooh Papi” gives Alus the opportunity to reconnect with major music publications like Vibe Magazine who crowned her as “sure to become the next thing smoking.”

The music video premiered with the Latino-owned TV network, LaTV on Thursday. Alus’ talent has helped secure other partnerships with leading brands like Neiman Marcus, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and Samsung. Her sultry vocals are showcased regularly on the popular “Bedroom Covers” series she created for YouTube which attracted nearly 80,000 subscribers.

“Ooh Papi” raises the bar for an artist featured in Idolator, PopDust, and Ok! Magazine. Fans can watch the music video for “Ooh Papi” now. For updates and more information about Alus visit the social media links below.

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