giphy1Young Tiger emerge from their native Denmark as an intriguing and arresting duo –
consisting of songwriter and singer Emma Grankvist and producer Rasmus Søegren.
Their paths met as classmates during a special high school program for musical talents
in Copenhagen, however it took them three years following graduation to start to work
together officially – with their friendship evolving with it: the need to make innovative
genre-crossing music in a pop vein as their common denominator.
Young Tiger released their debut single ‘Famous’ earlier this year, and now follow up
with their second offering ‘Give It Up’. Emma first wrote the song at Rasmus’ flat, the
track circling a theme of being unable to connect and commit to other people on a
deeper level – something the young duo see as a general issue for their generation:
everybody seems to be on a path somewhere else, striving for more and reaching
higher, struggling to embrace the present.giphy2
Speaking on the track, Emma states: ‘Give It Up’ is about our own experiences in the
past few years – though we originally made it a year ago, the song seems even more
poignant and current than ever”. Rasmus is quick to follow up “we’ve both just ended
long-term relationships, it’s left us split and confused by love and relations.”
Bringing a remarkably aesthetic eye for their visuals and a polished, synth-driven pop
banger that’s as melodically infectious as the video is visually ravishing, Young Tiger
are a band that you’ll be hearing a lot more from this year.

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