NEW TUNE: “Sinner” by Ric Wilson (feat. Kweku Collins , RaneRaps & Nick Kosma)

artworks-000349855986-1pohpi-t500x500Vibes of funk, hip-hop, jazz and r&b fly through the melodies met with synth samples to create the sounds that are th EP “BANBA”. The six track extended play features various artists that add to the nostalgia. The Chant fave is the lyracists recent single “Sinner”. Using producers like Bedows & Hirsch and Patrick Pryor, this is the perfect EP for late summer night drives and moonlight kickbacks with your friends.  Be sure to listen to the EP below and leave a comment!


Ric Wilson has evolved since his days as a local Chicago act as he bounced through 2016’s introductory projects The Sun is Out and Soul Bounce. Birthed from Young Chicago Authors, the same organisation that helped mould the careers of Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Saba, and Noname, Wilson is returning with a new EP, BANBA. “When I dropped out of college to do music, I caught myself trying to explain the music I do in a different light than what it really was because I was scared of other people’s perception of my ‘rap music,’ Wilson says. “I feel like people don’t appreciate rap as an actual art form, which is insane because there’s an art to rhyming, every beat is a colourful canvas and every lyric and rhyme is a stroke of mine.”

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