NEW VISUAL: Club Paradise ‘Brother’

clubparadise-logo-glow.jpegHailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, indie band Club Paradise saunter into the musical ether with their debut release, ‘Brother’.

Made up of school-friends Ryan Young (vocals/guitar), Jackson Vert (lead guitar), Harry Webb (bass) and Nathan Hogg (drums), the band’s first release is a pure statement of intent that walks a tightrope of indie pop and edgier, innovative electrionic influences.

Club-Paradise-EllenDixon-HiRes-1.jpegCiting the likes of Foals, Sundara Karma, Peace and The Amazons as influences, it’s clear the four-piece have the technical ambition to go with the soaring, dramatic sound of ‘Brother’. As much clear-eyed social commentary as it is a huge, melodic banger, this is a confident, polished debut that excites as to how many levels it’s operating on.

Speaking on the track, Ryan states: “If you listen to the chorus, it’s oddly about Martin Shkreli and his drug price hike, how people are working and working but still can’t afford what they need (be it about the American medical field or wherever it suits, it could also apply to things like greedy corporations) but really it’s up to your own interpretation, where do you feel cheated?”


Club Paradise emerge fully-formed and fully-conscious, with a track that sounds bright enough to perk a lots of ears from the outset; sleek and baring its teeth, ‘Brother’ is a modern call to arms and the kind of debut release that should see a lot more mention of the four-piece in the coming months. Sleep on them at your peril.

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