NEW TUNE: Jetta – ‘Hangin’

Jetta_Hangin'_PR_1.jpgFollowing the transitional release of her latest track ‘ZOO’, Jetta continues in stunning form with brand new offering ‘Hangin’. Self-produced and written, the Liverpudlian picks up where she left off with this imperious, jagged new track, punched with her trademark vocal to create a powerful and authoritative sound. Jetta continues to carve out a serious cult following – already seeing over 200 Million YouTube views and 100 Million plays on Spotify to her name.Hangin'.jpg

Her second release of the year, ‘Hangin’ is the first from her upcoming 4 track EP. Jetta’s intricate production, also evident on previous release ‘ZOO’, is further enhanced here with hypnotic elements showing the multifaceted UK artist’s full spectrum.

A creative collaboration for the accompanying video displays Jetta as a fractured sculpture in a deserted gallery at night determined to put herself back together. Serving to further define herself against the backdrop of an increasingly vibrant UK electronic scene, it’s clear that Jetta is further building a case for One to Watch this year.

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