Sensugang Yajirobe Trap Bag Artwork.jpgOriginally from Maryland in the DMV, LA based rap newcomers Sensugang – made up of Yung Sensu and Gangaroo Pouch – are the trap happy duo that are about to take 2018 by storm. Following their well-received introduction on ‘Rainbows’, the duo return with the exciting new single titled ‘Yajirobe Trap Bag’, which is taken from their forthcoming debut EP Chaos Control.Sensugang Press Photo III_preview.jpeg
Inspired by the infamous ‘Senzu Beans’ from the Japanese anime classic Dragon Ball Z, which hold mystical powers of regeneration, Sensugang are bringing the vibe to rejuvenate listeners with their music, and give you a boost from the everyday struggles. According to the Maryland duo, “our music will give you the power to overcome your obstacles and reach your final form”.
Sitting at just under two minutes, ‘Yajirobe Trap Bag’ is a relentless quick-fire rap affair, which holds your attention from start to end. Backed by an infectious bassline and lush synth keyboard arrangements, the track is held together perfectly by Yung Sensu and Gangaroo Pouch, who deliver with their infectious and commanding rap flows, catchy melodies and witty lyrical dexterity.Sensugang Press Photo II_preview.jpeg
Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Yajirobe Trap Bag’, and how the record came about, Sensugang say, “The inspiration for this song comes from the ‘Dragon Ball’ character Yajirobe. Yajirobe is a lazy ass dude but always comes through with the senzu beans to bring his homies back to health. Anime’s original trap god, he stays posted up in Korin Tower where he grows beans with his OG Korin The Cat”.

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