81950026-2.jpegEnigmatic new London artist, Blakey makes his 2018 debut, with this stunning, glassy and affecting release, ‘Prism of Love’, Blakey’s first offering demands attention: a crisp, velveteen falsetto with exquisitely sparse, widescreen production, Blakey adds incremental touches, layering the instrumental into something increasingly vibrant. The ebbing synth provides a vulnerable, dreamlike balance. It’s a mature sound that underlines Blakey’s prodigious talent as a producer; a considered backdrop for a vocal that adeptly sits beside Bon Iver as much as it does to James Vincent McMorrow. For all of Blakey’s depth of sentimental message, the delivery is both lively and reticent. But it’s his inventive syllabic rhythms, the baritone add-ons after the falsetto, his quick loops, coupled with his glaringly poignant lyrical skill, that looks set to confirm the praise of his plaudits, and realise the potential of his own ambition. With JONES adding a disarmingly playful parallel to Blakey’s earnest fragility, it only deepens the intrigue in this serious new talent.

JONES, one of the UK’s finest young singer/songwriters, came across Blakey at their shared label’s home. Upon hearing Prism of Love for the first time, she loved the track and a session at Blakey’s East London studio was immediately scheduled. This mutual admiration for each other’s work, the striking vocals from both artists, and the lyrical toying between the two, led to the outstanding release it is today. Having won support from outlets including Vogue and The Guardian, and following a much-loved Jools Holland performance, JONES is an established UK star, backing a stunning new gem in Blakey, on his debut ‘Prism of Love. Out 28th February on 37 Adventures.

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