NEW TUNE: Azealia Banks’ Photoshoot in Lanvin Paris dress, drops 2 Freestyles in prep for “Fantasea 2: The Second Wave”

In an attempt to give 1930s Harlem-chic , Azealia Banks did a photo shoot in Lanvin Paris dress. Shot by June Canedo, the young emcee prepares herself for her new mixtape Fantasea 2: The Second Wave. The artist is most notably known for her 2011 smash hit “212”. Although commercial success has been under reported, Azealia is a worldwide renowned rapper. Touring in almost every country in Europe and even in the Middle East and parts of Asia; she is well known for her influence in female rap.

She’s performed for countless fashion designers most renowned, Karl Lagerfeld. Her first mixtape, Fantasea, landed her a deal with Interscope where she dropped her EP 1991 and album Broke With Expensive Taste which charted number 3 on the Billboard Rap Charts. Shortly after her photoshoot with Lanvin Paris, Azealia dropped two remixes to tease fans with.

She remixed Drake’s “Gods Plan” & Jay Z “So Ghetto”. The two records showcase Banks in her best light, rapping. Azealia also made a huge announcement that she will be collaborating with ex-Spice Girl Mel B on her new record “Anna Wintour”. Although there is no official announcement on when azaleas mixtape will be out, she took to Instagram a few weeks ago to announce she’d be signing a deal with E1 entertainment. Excited about her new deal and where she’ll be headed? Listen to her new remixes.

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