N3GUS.gifMaking their official single debut with ‘Party’s Over’, the uber creative trio of cousins, who go by the name of N3GUS Official, burst through the doors on to the UK music scene to make an exceptional entrance.
Balancing out a torrent of R&B, Rap and Jamaican vibes with their ability to write and produce, N3GUS Official (pronounced Knee-Gus), home in on their natural melodies to generate their unique and distinctive sound. Knocking out a velvety emphatic hook alongside three solo verses goes far in showing the individual qualities of each member and what they bring to the group but when you catch all three together, as they instinctively drop butter-melting adlibs across each others lyrics, the result is genuine and a remarkable sound.
N3GUS1.gifWith over 60,000 streams on Spotify, where it hit their ‘One To Watch’ radar, and another 50,000+ on Soundcloud, the record is already been grabbed by the online world and the journey is proving to be the start of something special for Jazz, Jay & Kay, who first founded N3GUS Official in 2016. The trio originally each had their own paths in varying routes with Jazz (21) studying at university, Jay (21) pursuing his career as a semi-pro football player and Kay (20) producing full time, via his own production company, for the likes of Yxng Bane, Nafe Smallz and DBlock Europe, however the music that stems from their roots proved too powerful to ignore and the three were brought together as the N3GUS Official powerhouse just last year.
Signing out of 2017 with their brand new video for ‘Party’s Over’ and a host of music under their belt that they have been working on, the trio are set to fling open the door to 2018 with their debut EP. With their combination of work rate, ambition, talent, and their self-made hybrid of R&B, Rap, Afro Swing & a ting of Dancehall vibes, N3GUS Official are positioned to become three kings.


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