So Far Gone Cover (1).jpgAfter years of searching for his sound, Singer/songwriter Tim Maiden realized being 100% honest in his music was the only thing that lead to clarity. Holding back his emotions not only stifled him creatively, it also led to a music career that was unfulfilling. He now finds himself exposing his truth by blending R&B melodies with lush soundscape’s. Maiden’s soulful vocals will captivate listeners instantly as evident by his recent release “The Other Side.” The single landed on the main Fresh Finds Playlist in it’s second week of release. His newest release So Far Gone is an incredible follow up that shows a different side of Tim. Follow his musical journey as he begins touring this fall.

After just being featured on Spotify’s main Fresh Finds playlist for his second single “The Other Side,”Tim Maiden returns with the incredible “So Far Gone” The song is a look into Tim’s soul and captures a moment of truth for the young singer/songwriter. He says about the song; “So Far Gone means exactly what it means. When I wrote this song I stopped suppressing some shit, sat down at the piano and for the first time in a long time let it out. In a lot of ways this song was the song that got me on track and helped me find myself as a artist; the beginning I guess. Not hiding is a beautiful thing. Being present with yourself and others is all you can do, otherwise what’s the point.” –Tim Maiden

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