NEW EP: Nefew debuts ‘Definition Of It’ mixtape hosted by DJ Scream

IMG_1084 (1).JPGIn support of his debut project, Definition of It, Nefew (pronounced like nephew) has rolled through with not only his latest single, “Da Partments,” but also the entire album, ‘Definition Of It’ — DJ Scream, who was one of Nefew’s earliest supporters, hosts the mixtape.

“The definition of a youngin’ growing up in Atlanta with no father figure who got it out the mud — that’s me,” Nefew explained in a press release. “A lot of rappers try to overcompensate by having guns and drugs in they videos ’cause they trying to convince the world into believing they’re something they not. Everything I rap about I’ve done and Atlanta know that. When they look at me, they know that, they’ve seen me do it, they hear it in my voice.” Nefew is the newest artist under Bases Loaded Records, the production company behind many of ATL’s recent acts like Cash Out, Love & Hip Hop’s Solo Lucci and internet sensation Lil Wop. Listen Definition of It below:

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