NEW TUNE: Madonna’s Interlude by Ziyaad Luceō

Madonna's Interlude Cover Art  2.jpg

Toronto’s up and coming R&B artist, Ziyaad Luceō, releases his final single “Madonna’s Interlude” from his forthcoming debut EP, “Late Night Calls”. This record is produced by Austrailian producer/artist Nehzuil. Coming off his last successful single “Good Evening Melodies”, Ziyaad utilizes dark tones/sounds to create a hypnotic and soothing song from start to finish. Luceō shows off his vocal strength and control with the accompaniment of a haunting piano melody. “Madonna’s Interlude” is a short yet descriptive story of heartache and heartbreak. Ziyaad uses all elements in this song to convey the raw emotion of sorrow. With this single, Luceō released new information about his project such as timelines and possible release dates. “Late Night Calls” is projected to be released in November this year. More information should be on the way.

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