AMERY 2.jpgPop/R&B artist AMERY unveils his sophomore single, I Need Lovin’. The track follows So Good, which has been warmly received with over 475K streams and a selection for the #NextWaveJuly program on the famous app.
Drawing comparisons with Michael Jackson, Usher and Justin Timberlake on international websites such as Buzzfeed and AXS, AMERY definitely shares with his peers a taste for the matters of the heart when it comes to inspiration. In his new release I Need Lovin’, the 21-year-old singer lets his personality fully explode, confessing his timidity through his lyrics, served on a production full of imagery representative of his creative energy. AMERY 1.jpg« I’m a really shy person, even more when I’m around girls! They are the ones who have to come to me and make me comfortable. This song tells the story of that girl I let run away and the frustration of not gathering enough courage to talk to her… », he candidly admits about the track which invites the audience to follow him in his quest. Fortunately, this time, AMERY has found the strength to sing his love at the top of his lungs, empowered by the music. « I was aiming to tell a story throughout the whole song, with AMERY carrying around a boom-box, shouting out to every passer-by in order to find his love interest. Hence the footsteps and the radio on in the introduction, adds co-writer and producer James Lowland. The bells are there to grab even more attention while the production is getting bigger and louder, illustrating his need to be heard. » 

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