artworks-000239662373-tydyis-t500x500From releasing her own music, Hannah V has released her debut EP ’Version 2.0’ and single ‘It Ain’t Right’ with Sony Imprint ‘Pitched Up’ in 2015. ‘It Ain’t Right was the soundtrack of Rimmels’ global ‘The Only One’ Lipstick Campaign, the multi-talented producer was also awarded PRS’s ‘Women Make Music’ Grant at the end of 2016 and is now currently writing an EP featuring Misha B, Cherri V and Andreya Triana amongst others. Hannah has also produced the title track of JP Cooper‘s (Island Records) upcoming album, ‘Raised Under Grey Skies‘ and co-wrote and produced JP’s highly anticipated duet with Stormzy, ‘Momma’s Prayers’. JP’s album drops in September 2017.

hannah.pngForward-thinking in the song’s direction and sound, the track aesthetically thrives on Hannah’s appreciation for her R&B pop influences by leading a hip-hop beat with smoothened basslines and delicate piano articulation. Complimented by Natalie Williams‘ adventurous filtered vocal and motivating lyricism, ‘We March On’ is as equally anthemic, as it is infectious with Hannah V’s eclectic songwriting. While on the vocal responsibilities, Natalie Williams came into the limelight from her lead vocal on Nu:Tone‘s Drum & Bass hit ‘In My System

On the subject of the single, producer Hannah V comments “‘We March On’ was written about human resiliency and the ability to keep moving forward, even at the toughest of times. We’ve all been there, right? Those moments in life that knock you down and out. Yet at some point something clicks in you – you get up again and keep marching on. This song is a celebration of that survivor spirit and strength in all of us.”

Along with the release of the single, producer Hannah V has teamed with producers Blackjack to fuse a jungle re-work that puts Hannah’s lyrics into a new and incensed perspective. Blackjack state “We wanted to add an aggressive feel to our remix of ‘We March On’.  We love the sentiment of the original version and expanded on it – this remix brings out that fierce, ‘don’t eff w us’ vibe that we all sometimes need to get us through difficult times.”

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