0.jpegOriginally hailing from Twin Peaks in San Francisco, Ken Franklin started writing and recording music after he discovered a recording booth in a small closet beneath the stairs of his parents house, that had been hidden for decades behind a wall of boxes. Inside was a reel-to-reel tape machine, an echo box, and two guitars which Franklin soon used to experiment with different sounds and sonic textures to create his own songs.

After moving to LA, Ken started indie alt pop band, Dutch Party, while living in Echo Park with the intent of adding more subversion to the American airwaves. Dutch Party creates music affectionately referred to as “pop with a purpose”.  The band has quickly found success with placements on various networks including ABC and MTV as well as receiving acclaim from popular blogs including Earmilk, Pigeons and Planes and The FADER who praised them as a band on the rise. Billboard proclaimed, “Dutch Party know how to get a drum and bass groove going.”

span style=”size: 8px;Indie alt pop outfit Dutch Party have just released the new single, ‘Blade Runner’. Dutch Party has received critical and commercial acclaim with features in Billboard, Pigeons and Planes and Fader among others.‘Blade Runner’ is the first song off of the upcoming EP Combat Pop and combines infectious guitar riffs, with heartfelt and poignant lyricism.

Dutch Party’s sound evolved from a love of analogue warmth stirred with the off-kilter precision of 90’s hip-hop, all cast through the prism of the three minute ear worm of the Motown Sound and the British Invasion bands of the 1960’s. Franklin never expected the response it’s received; with over three million plays on Spotify, charting on US college radio, and a growing fan base at home and abroad in Europe, South America, and the Middle East.  “Everything starts from an idea, you really never know where it’s going to end up,” Franklin confides.

In 2016, Franklin moved into a house in Highland Park, and used it as a musical HQ, creating not only a new record, but a new live show. “The whole record was such a diy effort. We love lo-fi records but based off the first EP there was some expectation for us to make a true pop record. So from the get go our mantra kind of became this thing called ‘high flying lo-fi’ where essentially we would record 3 minute ear worms in such mad hatter raggedy ways, then try and polish and lift these tracks as high as we could. Some weekends we’d scrape enough money together to rent a Fairchild 670 limiter and other times we’d record a piano part mono on someone’s iPhone. The whole purpose being to create a record to inspire future iconoclasts to live and think differently than the status quo.” declares Franklin.

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