Main press pic A47K3822a.jpegDanish pop star Nabiha continues her ascent into the supreme cool pop echelons of Robyn, Tove Lo and Missy Elliott with her new track ‘Drunk’ featuring one of the hottest female emcees in the UK in Lady Leshurr.

Having swiftly become one of the youngest multi-platinum artists ever in her native Denmark (she’s currently a judge on their ‘Denmark’s Got Talent’ show), Nabiha has also been picking up acclaim this side of the Channel for her previous releases ‘Animals’ ‘Bang that Drum’ and ‘Weapon’ from serious tastemakers incl. WONDERLAND, COMPLEX and CLASH MAGAZINE. Now coming with the second track from her latest EP ‘IOU’, ‘Drunk’ comes across as a jagged R&B/ trap cut with Nahiba’s trademark vocal tone tempered with Leshurr’s hyper-energetic rap style. Speaking on the track, Nabiha states: “Drunk was written after the hard times I went through. I had a real need to let my hair down, go out and have fun. The song itself was written really fast, in like half a day. We all felt the track was begging for a dope rapper, but it wasn’t until Lady Leshurr’s name was brought to the table that everyone got really fired up about it. I love Leshurr’s energy, her originality and attitude. She really stands out to me.” Listen to the new track below:

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