giphy.gifMr Eazi has an impressive musical CV to his name. His videos on YouTube amass over 60 million views, while Spotify listens currently sing to the tune of over three-quarters of a million per month. He is currently on a world tour, having played in venues such as PlayStation theatre in New York and at SXSW, and he has successfully gained the reputation as the hottest Afrobeats artist on the planet, putting him in a strong position to take the ‘Artist of the Year’ award for which he is currently nominated at the African Pride Awards.

 But there’s something standout about Mr Eazi; something that goes beyond the music. It is the reason Vogue has covered him ( and why he is awarded with the attention, respect and support of leaders in various fields, including the likes of The Fader who courteously tweeted birthday wishes to him this week.

The relationship Mr Eazi has to his roots and the African culture is a beautiful one, which gives onlookers a deeper understanding and respect for it, making him a key advocate. His culture runs through the very fabric of everything he does as an artist without compromise, from dance, to art, to sound and beyond.

giphy1.gifCombining music, art, dance and fashion, Mr Eazi has curated the ‘Life is Eazi Culture Festival’, to be held on 29th September at Roundhouse in Camden where he will share his passion for the culture with the UK’s capital. Set to have a plethora of special guests, including familiar favourites from the UK music scene and big names from Africa alongside DJs, dancers, artists and more, showcasing their talent and the influence of their culture, Mr Eazi will be rounding off the festival with a special two-hour set and there will be VIP meet and greets available as he vows to make the event as personal as possible.

Warming us perfectly in to the tone of the festival and providing the ideal flyer for the event, Mr Eazi releases the short film for Tilapia. Love and happiness flow from the visuals with foods, sounds and colours delighting the senses as you soak in every aspect of the African culture. Check out the video below and then go and find your tickets to the ‘Life Is Eazi Culture Festival’, available online now.

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