unnamed(3)L.V.S.T (pronounced ‘Lust’) was created in the moment, for the moment. Elias Carter & Dillon Cain met after gate-crashing a David Guetta afterparty in Ibiza last summer. They bonded over the idea of writing a song about their meeting. Fueled by the freedom of the island they quit their jobs in England and spent the summer making music in Ibiza. Finding work selling boat trips by day and writing by night, L.V.S.T was born. ‘Taste Like Summer’ is a celebration of how they met and the two women that brought them together.

Taste Like Summer’ is a testament to the pair’s friendship that brought them to write and marks as a beginning for the budding music group, with a sound they call ‘Balearic Pop’. With the pair’s finesse of writing and self-producing dancefloor smashers, L.V.S.T have surged together a stylistic mix of 80’s funk and contemporary pop. With a focus of sensuous live instrumentation layered over a infectious pop landscape, ‘Taste Like Summer’ is set to be a pinnacle of summer playlists.

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