lll.gif“Roses” is again a nostalgic, electro-pop track from the Parisian art-pop duo, matched to a set of striking visuals from the acclaimed Ukrainian director Alina Gordiyenko.

A juxtaposition of intimacy and melancholy set within a ruinous backdrop, ‘Roses’ presents what Gordiyenko describes as “The personal struggle of a man who learns to accept his feminine half. The pressure of society sometimes forbids us to accept our real nature. When the boy receives the girl’s message, his trip to the core of his personality begins, searching for the clues she left for him.”

hj.gifHaving turned their focus away from remixing the likes of Lana Del Ray and Alt-J to record upcoming EP ‘Leave Them All Behind’, Axel Basquiat and Vincent T say “’Roses’ is about instinct. “Our reality is personal so if we don’t like what we see or what is happening, the quiet little voice of truth from inside us tells us what to do.”

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