as.gifCasscade presents visuals for new single ‘In The Moment’.  A highly anticipated video for one of the more melodic songs from his recent project ‘Living In The Moment’.

The scenery projects a vibe, featuring pretty ladies, video games, board games and what seems to be the whole of the TooRareToDie gang!  The North West London rapper/songwriter has proven to have multiple musical talents which can be made apparent with his previous release being the lyrically explosive “Mood Rings” to the now super wavey chill vibe we are given with “In The Moment”.

Casscade’s quotable line here is one that I’m sure everyone can relate to or has asked themselves at a point in life.. “Are we living in the moment, or are we living for tomorrow?”.

With plays/streams increasing with every release, it is clear that Casscade is a clear force to be reckoned with and “In The Moment” is a vibe that deserves a spot on your summer playlist.

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