artworks-000232952513-0i98av-t500x500With the release of their upcoming debut album The Gift and the Curse, South Los Angeles based rappers King & Blast are looking to make waves with their new single “Outcast.” A single drenched with clever flows on trunk-rattling beats, delivers a chorus that pays homage to the infamous hip-hop duo Outkast. Set to be the “coolest muthafuckas on the planet” and staying true to their core values, King & Blast is set to produce some serious & infectious melodies of hip-hop and rhythmic style of rapping the West Coast rap scene has ever seen.

After signing with T.I.U Muzic label, King & Blast eventually met and collaborated their talents to form the infamous duo. Based in South Los Angeles, the duo is formed by King Jah Thomas, a LA-based musician and rapper, and Blast, who was born in San Bernardino county where his mother gave birth on her way to a party, but he was raised in Los Angeles, CA. As a duo, Blast initiates King’s competitive drive for success and pushes him to keep up with their music. While the two work diligently to put their music on a platform that can be heard, they continue to stand true to their core values. According to Blast, he accredits LT, CEO and founder of T.I.U. Muzic, for teaching them resilience as he states, “she never gives up – failure is not an option, she instilled that in us.” With this value in mind, King & Blast continues to exhibit patience on their journey to success.

unnamed(12).jpgFollowing their collaboration, it’s no surprise King & Blast describe their music as “in a category of its own,” because it does not fit into one musical genre. In 2013, King & Blast released the mix-tape, “Turnt up 2 Society,” followed by an album in 2014 entitled, “Original.” In addition, King & Blast can be heard on the T.I.U’s mixtapes Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Volume 3. Their artistry continues to evolve and never fails to deliver to their fans, who adore their creative beats, memorable hooks, melodic voices, and clever lyrics. Keep an eye on King & Blast future projects like their upcoming album entitled, The Gift and the Curse set to release late Spring 2017.

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