NEW TUNE: “Tease” by Blossom & HOT16

TEASE—Front(1500) small.jpg
 If you were to ask Portland singer-songwriter Blossom what the number one question people have asked her in the past year is, she’s almost guaranteed to answer “When’s your album coming out?” Well, finally the answer to that question has arrived, on July 21st PDX’s most in-demand songstress will release her debut album TEASE in collaboration with Producer HOT16 and the good people at Liquid Beat Records. After releasing the lead single and limited edition 7″ Vinyl for “So Cool”, Blossom and HOT16 offer up the second single “U GOT ME” – a funky dedication to self-love. Gliding over a mean bassline from HOT16, Blossom takes a little time to wish loneliness goodbye and discover she only needs to find love within herself for true happiness.
B&H16.jpg Complete with a spoken word breakdown from backup vocalist Janaeture, Blossom delivers an anthem for women of all ages. Mark your calendars for 7/21 and the debut album TEASE from Blossom and HOT16 as it is the perfect addition to your summer soundtrack. Listen to “U GOT ME” and catch up on “So Cool” in case you missed it.

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