image005.jpgLeave all your preconceptions at the door this is Kansas Smitty’s House Band. Since their last studio album, the band have headlined and sold out shows at Ronnie Scott’s, the Jazz Cafe, and the Shoreditch Town Hall and became proprietors of their own bar.

The music contained on new single ‘MOVIN ON’ is not without influence. Imagine a head-on collision of the sonic worlds of Louis Armstrong, Charles Mingus, Curtis Mayfield, Brad Mehldau, and Willie Nelson. Don’t get ideas though, this sour mash of jazz genres is steeped to perfection, making the the KSHB’s music very much their own.

artworks-000217599507-2hh8tm-t500x500‘MOVIN ON’ is also to be the title track of their forthcoming new album due later this year. It presents a searing rock n roll number fronted by Lewis Durham of Kitty, Daisy And Lewis and though it will appeal instantly to jazz and blues audiences its energy inevitably also leaps out of those genre boundaries with barn storming hooky rhythmic elements and a tasty readily accessible hook that anyone could fall in love with.

Kansas Smitty’s House Band loves company and has inducted a host of performers into their scene down at their East End London bar. The band features leader Giacomo Smith with the KSHB steadfast lineup of Pete Horsfall, Adrian Cox, Theon Cross, Pedro Segundo, Joe Webb, Ferg Ireland and Dave Archer while the shortlist of internationally recognised musicians who’ve been down to the bar to play or just to dig what the KSHB do include: Louis Cole, Guy Barker, Tcha Limberger, Bruno Major, Nitin Sawhney, Johnny O’Neal, Joe Stilgoe, Liv Dawson, Hal Hall, Kit Downes, Nick Mulvey, Judi Jackson, Laura Marling, Rhys Lewis, Beth Rowley, Alex Garnett, Michael Janisch, and Shingai Shoniwa. The Smitty’s scene is one of inclusion, built by music lovers for music lovers. The eclecticism in the KSHB’s sound is rooted in this diverse buzz around Smitty’s Bar. It’s the constant flow of people through their home that makes collaborating with artists ranging from Curtis Stigers to Kitty, Daisy And Lewis so easy for the band.

 Smitty’s have also taken the show on the road. When they can, the band likes to bring their bar along with them. Takeovers at the Peckham Liberal Club, Stamford Works, The Vault Festival, four nights at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and for an entire month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – where they programmed a series of concerts in their pop-up venue featuring Sons of Kemet, Swindle and Ska-legends Bad Manners alongside themselves.

With an exciting touring schedule, highlights of which include main stage shows at Love Supreme, Cornbury Festival, Boomtown, Goodlife Experience and a return to Shoreditch Town hall as part of London Jazz Festival the band look set to return by storm.

Tour dates:
July 2nd- Love Supreme Festival
July 7th- Cornbury Music Festival
July 12th– Kansas Smitty’s Bar, Broadway Market
August 10th– Boomtown Fair
August 11th/12th- Hallevik Tradjazzfestival
August 16th– Kansas Smitty’s Bar, Broadway Market
August 20th– Snape Maltings Proms
September 15th/16th- The Goodlife Experience
October 20th/21st- Guildford Jazz Festival
November 17th/18th- Shoreditch Town Hall

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