Sailing_Stones_Telescopes_Cover_Final.jpgAn enthralling new artist continues to emerge in the form of Sailing Stones. The moniker of Jenny Lindfors, an Irish native transplanted to London, introduces her second release ‘Telescopes’.

Following the critical success of debut track ‘The Blazing Sun’ from THE LINE OF BEST FIT, INDIE SHUFFLE and THE IRISH TIMES – the track introduced us to a filmic new artist, as in love with the Wim Wenders ‘Paris, Texas’ as she was to creating her own form of gorgeous, wandering music with inspiration ranging from Neil Young to Vangelis.

An artist and sound no less captivating and hardened than an early Julie Byrne or Laura Marling, Sailing Stones lives the stripe-earning traditions of a travelling musician, it’s Sailing Stones solemnity and frankness lyrically that set her in the select group of female singer/songwriters possessing something special. Wanderer, loner, romantic –now the self-produced, self-recorded ‘Telescopes’ continues to mark Sailing Stones out as a superb new talent.

Now adding beautiful, stark piano melody, mellotron and brass to create another quietly majestic song, Sailing Stones cements her status as one of the most exciting musicians coming out of the city. Speaking on the track, Jenny states: “Telescopes is about reflecting back on learned behaviour, and surrendering to the mystery of what we believe love is. It was this track that cemented my love of the rich, emotive synth sounds used on so many classic records in the 80s”.

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