11111.gifEnigmatic production outfit IAMU have teamed up with Bluey Robinson to provide the remarkable ‘Falling Stars’. Eccentric and free-spirited in nature, the piano-led instrumental is stripped back to reveal the emotion-fuelled and vulnerable vocal from Bluey before the crescendo in to the hook powers through with a deep house bass and distorted sonics.

As a duo, IAMU formerly co-produced Bluey Robinson’s Radio 1 premiered single ‘Questions’ along with Raheem Bakare’s first single ‘Portrait of Love’ which was #1 on MTV Base. Individually the covert producers have also worked with some of the biggest names In UK music including WIley, Miss Dynamite & WSTRN.

12222.gifDistinctive in their style and demeanour, IAMU base both their visual and audio output on the concept that every person has an individual relationship to music and that they interpret it in their own unique way. It is this, which has led them to take a faceless approach to their music allowing the listener to build their own image. With a forthcoming EP in the pipeline, there is a treasure trove of differing sounds, influences, energy and versatility set to be explored.

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