XDESHFB,J.gifThe latest installment from their forthcoming album ‘Opps Next Door’, grime collective Tizzy Gang present new single ‘Shekel’.

After the success of their previous release ‘Old Skool Roadman Jacket’, that received support and praise from tastemakers across 1Xtra, Kiss and Rinse Tizzy Gang continue to raise the bar with another aggressive grime banger. Opening with the hard hook, ‘Shekel’ features Tizzy Gang members Merky ACE and Cadell, alongside Vic Santoro and the emcee’s lay down sick flows over a haunting drum line trap beat.GFCDJG.gifTizzy Gang are made up of grime heavyweights Merky Ace, Tre Mission and Cadell. Tre Mission is originally from Canada and is classed as the first international grime artist, having worked with and being taken under the wing of the originals like Skepta, Wiley. The collective have gone on to collaborate with an impressive line up for their album, out in June, which sees Canadian and UK talent in abundance as MIK, Vic Santoro, Nasty Jack, Jason Packs, Lord Cutty and Kokane feature on the currently unheard joints, while production credits go to Splurt Diablo, Filthy Gears, Tay Lewis, Rich Kidd and Faze Miyake.

With an exclusive album launch party confirmed at the famous Relentless Studios in London, and a wealth of support already behind them, Tizzy Gang are set to shake things up with ‘Opps Next Door’.

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