wj3VBJA steady rise and paying of dues has shown Kannan to be a true student and champion of the Grime scene. For his new single, ‘Shell’, he hooks up with Birmingham’s finest producer, Tripple B for a menacing banger. Sprinkled with a spine tingling piano, it lays the perfect foundation for Kannan to display his lyrical ability. Rapid fire, multi syllabic bars, wordplay and braggadocio are all evident, proving Kannan stays true to his name and does nothing but ‘Shell’.
Having lit up airwaves and stages up and down the country with Sheffield grime collective Scumfam, Kannan has spent the last year carving out his solo path through consistent activity, as well as releasing vast amounts of his own music in the form of singles and E.P.’s. He collaborated with Derby MC, Eyez for the well-received collaborative E.P. ‘Highs & Lows’ and was also picked to captain and represent Sheffield in the Redbull Grime-a-Side event, a freestyle cypher competition pitting together the best MC’s from cities in the UK.
Endorsed nationally by various media platforms such as SBTV, who premiered the videos for both the lead single ‘Grime’ from the Evolution E.P. and the follow up track ‘Brotherhood’, both clocking well over 700k views, Kannan has become a hot choice for other media platforms wanting to gain access to exclusive freestyle and video performances.
Catch the video below and prepare for this Kannan to ‘Shell’ it down…below.

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