artworks-000224414892-vogdln-t500x500UK singer/songwriter Mark Elliott has been quietly building a name for himself as an emerging, talented songman since his debut release ‘Dead End Love Affair’ and debut EP ‘China Doll’ last year. With coverage on TMRW Magazine and Going Solo amongst others, the young artist’s natural ability with melody and intelligent lyricism has seen notable tastemaker attention as well as a debut support show with Gabrielle Aplin.

His first release of 2017, ‘Good Way’ is an electro-ballad that meditates on new love, growing older and changing perspective. Stripped piano/vocal transforms through a pop-esque build before dropping into a falsetto chorus and hook. On first listen it’s a pop-track with a conversational hook, on second a love song and on third a subtle warning; not to mistake the pursuit of success with the pursuit of happiness.
Speaking on the track, Mark states: “’Good Way’ was a song written at an interesting time in my life; it marks settling down in some ways and starting new adventures in others. For me, the song has two main themes: the most obvious explores meeting someone that changes you for the better and the other reflects on a feeling that although having ambition and goals is a good thing, it can be all-encompassing and it’s important to make time for life, (‘ambition has a danger with it, it grows to fill the space you give it’).”

Written with fellow emerging songwriters Alkemi and produced by Brad Mair, the artwork is another collaboration with long time co-conspirator Eugenia Loli and points at a notably well-rounded new artist. ‘Good Way’ continues the air of quiet talent and increasing spotlight on an artist growing in reputation and stature with each release.

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