NEW MIXThe Black Opera – “80z Babiez To The 2Gz 2” [The ExperiMix]

unnamed.jpgThe Black Opera are breaking the rules just like the legends taught us to, by bridging the generation gap with “80z Babiez To The 2Gz 2”. Because, after all, every era is classic to somebody. For those who missed the first part of this era blending ExperiMix collection, you may want to listen to “80z Babiez To The 2Gz” first.
“We wanted to follow up African America with something that wasn’t as heavy, so we worked on the second installment of our 80z Babiez 2 The 2Gz Experimix series. We feel right in the middle of this Old Heads vs New Wave battle. So in this new mix you can hear our influences come across, young and old, in a way of expressing it that we feel only we can do it.” –The Black Opera


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