NEW VISUAL: Great Melange of styles in Marlene Enright’s “Alchemy”

giphy13After a busy end to 2016, including an appearance at The Other Voices Festival, Cork based artist Marlene Enright releases her debut solo album, ‘Placemats and Second Cuts’.

Marlene Enright has a charm and an undeniable songwriting talent. Her solo debut showcases her passions and influences. Written and recorded over a year, the result is a melange of the heavy grooves of R&B, the warmth and nostalgia of great folk songs and the richness of thickly layered harmonies of artists such as Bon Iver and Feist. Enright harnesses all of her influences and delivers her own brew of a life being lived and expressed with touching honesty through the gloriously realized medium of her own thoughtfully crafted songs. It is the sound of modern roots music evolved as it has over decades to something that is unmistakably 21st Century, a sound that is infused with contemporary pop while still carrying echoes of the past.

giphy12The title, ‘Placemats and Second Cuts’, a line from the outro of the album’s closing song, is fitting, for this album offers depth and introspection. Says Enright,

“Hindsight has made me realise that it’s a much more self-reflective album than I initially realised. It speaks of self-doubt, dancing the fine line between feeling comfortable in your own skin and feeling totally lost at sea, indecisiveness, the battle between strength and weakness, passion and apathy, belonging and isolation and self-acceptance.”

While Enright has been looking back and self-reflecting, her work urges her forward. The release of ‘Placemats and Seconds Cuts’ on May 26th follows the success of her previous band The Hard Ground  seeing the singer’s star steadily rise, as listeners embrace her unfeigned confessional.

‘Placemats and Seconds Cuts’ will be released Friday May 26th.



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