POPSTYLE.gifTaking it to the darker side of grime, North London’s originating pirate radio MC, Guyver, puts himself in respected company as he joins with So Large and Nasty Jack on ‘Pop Style’. The sinister sounding beat with its deep sub-bass, rumbles under the raw and menacing bars from the three stand out and rugged voices whilst a melodic, key-filled hook makes way for a cascade of warning sirens on this murky joint.

POPSTYLE1.gifRecognisable by his distinctive patois flows and gritty tone, Guyver goes down in the grime bible thanks to his accomplishments as an MC at such a young age. His ability on the mic saw him win residencies with stations such as Speed FM and Heat FM, which were key portholes to the scene at the time, seeing an entire generation of grime talent tuning in. Guyver’s talent has since been commended by artists including Tinchy Stryder on ‘100%’, Scorcher in ‘Codename Sky’ and Scrufizzer in ‘I Will Not Lose’, which all namecheck the North London producer, artist and MC.

The latest instalment from his forthcoming EP ‘Medipack’, Guyver makes it pop alongside East London Grime stars SO Large and Nasty Jack as the trio go back to back mixing an omnipresent Reggae vibe with a 2017 Grime flare.

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