STATE.GIFStockholm-based State of Sound released their dreamy and wistful – yet still a pop banger – debut “Higher Love” in January 2016, setting out the duo’s sound right from the start. Captured the public’s imagination, the track went gold certified in Sweden with over 14 million streams. It’s party music, but with the most sensitive of hearts.

Duo Viktor and Joakim went through a lot of phases before their second release, “Wake Up Where You Are”; streamed over 60M times on Spotify and entering the top 100 on Spotify in 17 countries, the track again spotlighted the duo’s ability to write tropical-infused dance hits.

‘Love Me Like That’ feels like another tropical, melodic gem; spend some time with it and you’ll fall in love. It might not be the lightning bolt you were expecting, but slowly, surely you won’t be able to live without them. An early summer jam, “Love Me Like That” will be available Friday 31 March.

Speaking on ‘Love Me Like That’, Viktor states: “We changed the lyrics four times, changed the intro five times, changed the riff, put a sax on it, took out the sax and then put the sax BACK ON IT… We just try to give every song we write enough time. It’s like how State of Sound formed. We gave ourselves five years, so we’re giving the songs time!”

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