NEW TUNE: Rell Jerv’s “School’s Out”

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Derrell Jervey known as “Rell Jerv” is an American artist born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. Rell Jerv started his career as an aspiring singer admiring acts such as (Usher, Dru Hill, Genuine etc). Rell Jerv has worked with a number of industry artists and producers including: New York based rapper Fred the Godson, producer Shut Down Beats, platinum producer DJ Pain 1 and more.
Rell Jerv blesses this Mary J Blige track “You Remind Me.” Spinning the classic 90s single, Rell takes us back to childhood nostalgia. The single moves into a Hip Hop and R&B tempo, giving feel good vibes. Many are comparing him lyrically to Logic, J Cole and Kendrick, as his content and writing skills are up to par. Take a listen.
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 3.25.21 PM.png
School’s Out is painting the picture of adult hood. I told stories about what I did coming up, and how I adapted to my environment. A.Jo speaking at the end pretty much sums it up, we get away with so much while we are young, but after high school real life hits and there is no one you can lean or depend on anymore and every decision you make determines where you end up in life.
– Rell Jerv

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