ollypic - 16.jpgWhilst still finishing a degree in Philosophy, Olly Chamberlain quietly began releasing music on YouTube back in 2015. With a naturally seductive vocal and innate musical ability that falls somewhere between Sam Smith and Zac Abel, he found serious viral heat moving his way via his inventive remixes and takes on tracks.

Having now completed his degree, Olly has been busy crafting his debut EP – due for release this June. His first release ‘Fear’ immediately conjures a smooth electronic R&B instrumental, which Olly’s falsetto dances over to create something both grooved-out and infectious. It’s a hook-laden R&B-pop gem that shines a clear light on the vocal ability and conscious mentality of the young artist.
Speaking on the track, Olly states:
“Lately it’s felt like the world is falling apart. When I read the paper, go online, listen to the radio, Fear is being pushed at us!! Rising tensions between nations, wars nobody understands, extremism, racism, lunatics with too much power. In this song I talk about getting away from the madness. But wherever I go nothing gets rid of the fear”

Growing up in a family of classically trained musicians gave Olly a rich platform to start creating his own music – listing his influences as diverse as Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon,Tracy Chapman, Elton John and Sam Cooke to John Legend. Now collaborating with Kingsley Brown (Shiftk3y, Jason Derulo) and Debbie Aramide (Pitbull, Leona Lewis), Olly is ready to step into the limelight as a sure one to watch for the year.

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