artworks-000222221592-aqlq2p-t500x500Last year Chant Magazine had the opportunity to hear a plethora of female artist at “Who’s The Queen?” showcase held in Philadelphia. One of those particular voices was Ky Marie, a sultry R&B singer with her acoustic guitar.  Today, the Delaware Valley native  releases her first single titled “Ain’t Low”.

Last week in the midst of all her online buzz, Chant Magazine caught up with her to discuss some of her past, her current project and future ventures. Check out the interview below.

Where you are from? This is a question that I’ve struggled with answering since forever! Lol. I guess I’d say Philly. I was born in philly, but spent a good amount of time in Jersey as well. Considering I’m back though, I guess id have to say Philly. What’s your alma mater? That would be North Penn. I went to community college for two years but dropped out. My attention span was to short. I’d find myself cutting class to be in the studio that montco provided. Who was your inspiration for your career path? If any. I wouldn’t really say I had one person as an inspiration. It kind of was born in me. However when my grandmoms passed away, it brought a deeper meaning to lyrics and that’s when I started writing. Has music always been one of your passions? YES! I played the trumpet since 1st grade. Was always into the choir and theatre. I started focusing on creating my own music when I picked up the piano at 13 . Was easier to write when I could create my own sounds. That led me into the guitar around 15. There was no looking back then. ky.pngCan you talk about your latest projects? So, I have a single coming out May 12th! Song entitled “Aint Low”. The process of this record took about a year. But I’m happy to say it’s on the way! My ep is soon to follow. I’ve been taking time in writing for others to find my sound. It definitely has been a journey but I have it! No date yet. But it will be a representation of who I really am.

Ky Marie’s new song is a compilation of emotions about individuals in her life being fraudulent. People who appear to be on your team, appear to be winning but they are in fact the opposite. In other words she wants these people to know they “Ain’t Low” listen to the new song below:Where do you go to enjoy yourself or “turnup” (clubs, bars etc.)?Honestly I don’t really go out like that. I consider myself the life of the party no matter where I’m at. If you do “cashmeousside” it’s most likely at an open mic/jam session or a karaoke bar S/o to liberty Bar karaoke wednesdays! . Lol but the studio is usually where I’m turnt the most! I can be free and create and it’s ALWAYS LIT!! Who was the most pivotal support system for your career? I’d have to give this to two people. I met this engineer/ producer / low Ky life coach named Scottishh, now my mentor about a year ago, and just the knowledge dropped on me changed my thinking and my being. He tought me more than music, but lifestyle changes. Being at peace, what to give your energy to etc. It created a focus in me that I had not learned yet. He has been pouring into me since the day we met creating, in me, a better writer and person in general! The other would be the Producer (he lit) Jay of AudeoBoi! This is around the same time of meeting Scottishh, but I was at a point of trying to find my sound, we had only known each other for a little, but I begged him to make a record I could write to! Lol. At that time not too many people wanted to work with me, I’m assuming because they were too clicked up lol (their loss)! However he brought me to Tandem and he actually produced the record (my single) “Aint Low” to write to! He took me in and that’s where I met Beef who is one of the DOPEST producers/engineers in Philly.. It was history then. Any specific spaces/venues that you frequent to hear good live music/poetry/art? I mean everywhere honestly! But my top would be Parkside on Mondays! RENTS Due the first Tuesday of every month at bourbon and branch . Dahlak, and meskerem. Oh and if you’re in LA The Study is stupid Lit! Some of your favorite artists that you’ve worked with? Hmmm that’s tough. I’d say the Siangie Twins, they have hella heat on the way. City Romeneki that boy is talented. Tre Prada which I feel like everyone already knows who he is lol. And Mayila!!!! She’s not from philly but I’m sure you will hear her music very soon! What is your favorite poet of all time? I know I’m supposed to say someone like Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, and all BUT! Tupac man. He was known for rapping and his “image” but read ” And tomorrow. ” What is your ideal collaboration? I would love to collab with a couple people. Rihanna of course, Bibi bourelli, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, Childish, Chance. Oh and Sza too!

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