artworks-000220043116-2pocu8-t500x5001Following critical acclaim for his previous release ‘Last Call’ from THE LINE OF BEST FIT leading to his debut appearance on Spotify Fresh Finds, London-based singer-songwriter Alessandro Ciminata releases his gorgeous, barbed new single ‘Demons’. The talented artist recently sat down with Chant Magazine to discuss his upbringing and future endeavors, check it out below:

Where you are from? I was born in the north of Italy but I’ve lived in London for the past few years.

Who was your inspiration for your career path? If any. 
I started to write songs after I heard John Mayer playing at Michael Jackson’s funeral… That sounds creepy but the way that Mayer played ‘Human Nature’ on his guitar gave me goosebumps. Once I moved to London, I’ve been inspired a lot by artists such as Alex Vargas and Jack Garratt, as well as the whole London music scene really, it’s invigorating. 
Has music always been one of your passions? 
Absolutely. I can’t imagine myself filling my days without even listening or thinking of a song.
 Can you talk about your newest projects? I’ve just released my new single ‘Demons’ on April 28th and I will be playing a few London gigs over the Summer (Ronnie Scott’s on May 16th; Nambucca on June 14th; plus more TBC). I been feeling really creative lately, so I’ve locked myself in my room, writing and producing new songs, which I look forward to recording and releasing soon!
Personal Questions:
Where do you go to enjoy yourself or “turnup” (clubs, bars etc.)?
I really like going to gigs; living in London, luckily there are so many choices! I’m a very simple guy, even spending my time with girlfriend watching a movie and eating junk food makes my perfect night.
Who was the most pivotal support system for your career? 
I haven’t done anything yet, but my family and my girlfriend are the ones who constantly support me, in bad and good times.
Any specific spaces/venues that you frequent to hear good live music/poetry/art?
My favourite night is the Communion Club Night, every month at Notting Hill Arts Club. Quality music and quality people.
Who is your favourite poet of all time? 
Josè Mourinho? Gotta love his press conferences.

What is your ideal collaboration?I’d love to go on tour with Joseph J Jones and write a song with Hein Cooper.

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