SAADEFAs a rap artist, storyteller and creative writer, JAX embodies the spirit and aesthetic ‘true folk art.’ With his sublime jargon, bodacious hooks and evocative lyrical style that paints the perfect story, JAX expresses an identity deeply rooted in the culture of traditional and contemporary hip-hop. JAX’s gratifying flow, fresh cadence and cognitive lyrical style culminate into a sub-genre and brand known as TRAP x WOKE. JAX, born Adam Jackson was born and raised in Norfolk Virginia, the home of notable musicians like Missy Elliott, Clipse and Pharrell Williams. Though Virginia is known to produce great icons, it has also been plagued by a troubling history of racism and slavery, much of which informs JAX’s narrative.
Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.30.15 AM.pngIn 2015, JAX relocated to California’s Bay area, home of many Black Nationalist groups formed out of the black freedom struggle like the black panthers, US organization and home to UC Berkeley the site of civil rights protest and also the hyphy movement which was pioneered by artists like Too $hort, E-40, Mac Dre and many more. The Bay Area is commonly coined the ‘birthplace of the independent artist’, socially conscious culture art and originality, which makes up JAX’s creative pedigree. JAX is set to release his first two singles “Out Here” and “Reparations” from his forthcoming project Trap x Woke.

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