56.gifSeattle artist Aces delivers his brand new Sky Life EP. The JMR-produced project is about traveling the world, hard work, success, and finding real love. The 5-track EP takes listeners on a journey through the themes. Kicking off the project with the title track, “Sky Life” takes you on a trip, giving you the perfect soundtrack to your summer and 2017 travels. “Marco Polo” explores the world, searching for love.

56a.gifAces was actually able to go to China, the terrain on which the real Marco Polo explored, or what we know as modern day Beijing. “Dwayne Johnson,” was inspired by the actor himself and his role on the HBO hit show Ballers. He’s the boss of all bosses and the song reflects such success, but only after you become the hardest worker in the room. “Deja Vu” is about real love, the type of love that you pray and ask God to send you—a person to build your life with.

 After one meets this soulmate, he or she will feel a sense of “deja vu.” The closing track, “Confetti” is the celebration, the thankfulness to be alive and appreciation for all the opportunities life has given. The project is also available on iTunes here. Preview the project below:


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