Rhumba Club in the studio is Tom Falle, former lead singer and writer for Synth Pop duo TEDDY. Their single ‘Happy Tim’ would pick up critical acclaim from The Guardian, Clash Magazine, the NME and The Line of Best Fit whilst picking up plays from Alice Levine on BBC Radio 1; Tom would go on to headline KOKO in 2016. Since ending TEDDY in 2016, Tom has self-confessedly been obsessively listening to WHAM! and Erasure, playing around with congas and synth panflutes, and ripping apart his masculinity.  This new phase as Rhumba Club has resulted in the gorgeously euphoric and seemingly sun-drenched new track ‘Reunion’. Whilst the panflutes and lilting chorus instantly recall the legendary 80s synth tropes, Rhumba Club’s references to Adidas t-shirts and themes of an awkwardly emotional meeting up with an ex give the track the sense it could only be made in 2017. Rhumba Club returns with a soft mastery and melodic elegance of the genre that puts ‘Reunion into Dev Hynes’ Blood Orange project territory. Rhumba Club emerges as a genuinely worthy successor. Speaking on the track, Tom states: “Reunion is about an uncomfortable meet up of a former gay couple, 5 years later. I framed it with references to late 80s pop ballads to give a sense of romantic haziness and naivety, but the sarcastic overtones in the lyrics betray a certain bitterness beneath the nostalgia.”

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