NEW TUNE: Chica LaFresa’s “Don’t Tell Me”

artworks-000218452767-9rmxd7-t500x500Rainy nights & a cold breeze is what she remembers. It was February, Valentine’s Day was approaching. This was the setting when Chica LaFresa was inspired to pen Don’t Tell Me about a relationship that was causing her more pain then happiness. Throughout the record, Chica Lafresa is pleading for change, demanding freedom, while also reminding this man she is struggling to love why she adores him. The writing in Don’t Tell Me is a rollercoaster of conflicting emotions similar to the relationship that inspired it.CHICA1.jpg
From Chica LaFresa about Don’t Tell Me:
When you go thru a lot in life and you lose a lot of people that you love over and over again you find yourself bargaining in relationships where you’ll deal with hurtful things just to feel like your being loved. When I wrote this song i was just tired of the drama, tired of being told I was loved when the actions just make me feel pain. I was tapping into that element of relationships where things have gotten rocky and its a constant battle between love & pain, where your sacrificing your sanity in order to feel like you have a companion.

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