NEW VISUAL: French singer/songwriter HYLEEN releases new music video “Looking At”

2Hyleen is a young guitarist, singer/songwriter hailing from Cannes in the South of France. She has been gifted with a warm, powerful and husky voice that captures the heart of anyone who listens. Her music could be described as a unique fusion of Soul, Funk, Neo-soul, Pop with a touch of jazz and rich harmonies.

Hyleen is a self-taught musician who started playing guitar at an early age in her brother’s band. When the latter left home to study full time, Hyleen decided to follow her own path and be her own artist: she found herself writing and composing her first songs. Later on, Hyleen studied musicology at university and then decided to attend the National Conservatory in Paris to broaden her musical horizons even further. For two years she honed her skills as a vocalist, guitarist and singer/songwriter. Whilst studying at the Conservatory, she started working on her solo project and debuted her new music to enthusiastic crowds across France.
Her debut album ‘U & I’ was released in 2014 and includes amazing guests such as Omar, FrankMcComb and Chris Dave (Adele, Erykah Badu) on drums. Following this release, Hyleen left her native country to introduce her music to new audiences across the world, through a series of shows. Surrounded by her musicians Nicolas Viccaro on drums and Julien Boursin on keys and Moog-Bass, Hyleen has performed in Japan, India, Polynesia, USA and many European countries. Hyleen has then supported household names such as Jarrod Lawson and Anthony David.
After these life-changing experiences, French singer-songwriter Hyleen is back with a second album ‘B-Side’ which will be available on April 26th in Japan and at the end of 2017 in Europe.
The first single taken from her second full-length record is entitled ‘Looking At’. The music video which accompanies the track has been directed by Hyleen and her brother Hadrien Besse. Speaking of the song, Hyleen explains ‘This song is a silent dialogue between two people, a dialogue between their eyes – it is still more intense than any words can describe’
‘Looking at’ is now available on all digital and streaming platforms.

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