NEW MUSIC: Amy Steele teases new EP with soulful introduction “Saltwater”

artworks-000217464715-e52qgc-t500x500“Amy is fast becoming one of the capital’s most respected new talents”.
Hunger Magazine

“Sort of like the lovechild of a strange Lana Del Rey/Rebecca Ferguson/Banks threesome”

“Her sultry vocals are the perfect vehicle for her heart-on-her-sleeve lyrics.”
ID Magazine

“Amy boasts the ethereal, haunting melodies of Ms Del Rey whilst her voice is bursting with the kind of soul that you would normally expect from Laura Mvula”
Wonderland Magazine

“Saltwater” serves as an introduction to Amy Steele’s upcoming E.P “Memories in Watercolour.” “Saltwater”, surmises the meaning of the record, as “Memories in Watercolour” is a reflective EP, with each track examining a different stage of a relationship. Each track on the EP is a different memory or a colour that has been slightly degraded.

“Saltwater” is an examination of this – the idea that when you experience something you never really remember it, exactly as it was; it’s a degraded memory that’s forever tainted by reminiscence. “Saltwater” also echoes the theme of how the thing you need to survive can surround you, but once its tainted it will never be able to cleanse or serve its healing purpose.

Amy Steele is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter based in London. For the last five years she has pursued music in tandem with studying for a degree in medicine. Having had recently completed her degree, now being Dr Steele, she has fully set her sights on her music. For the past year she has been in the studio working with Alex Wells, and various producers to create a record that reflects her artistry and who she is musically. “Saltwater” serves as the teaser of what is to come.

“Saltwater” is a prelude to Amy Steele’s next single “Graces” coming next month. With a growing fan-base and a true passion for the music she makes, this is an exciting time for the young artist.

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