17309559_1316849111715284_8408102749515647358_n.jpgAfter releasing two consecutive singles in two months, indie pop artist SØF continues on a fast track with her brand new single, “Shame On Me.” Diving headfirst into a combination of gut-wrenching lyrics and a darker side,  SØF is steadily revealing all of her colors through her latest releases, while simultaneously shedding away the initial mainstream pop persona of her younger career. Although still mysterious, SØF seamlessly spits out a raw, tongue-in-cheek layer of her artistry through a blend of synth pop verses and fast-singing. Hoping to maintain a wave of momentum through her natural ability to write descriptive, personified indie-pop tracks, SØF will continue to release various singles throughout the first half of 2017. About the single, SØF states:

“Without getting too much into detail, I thought I could find someone new effortlessly, and after meeting a bunch of boring guys that I continuously compared to my ex, I realized that no one could ever begin to replace him. I never thought I would write a song about begging for a guy to take me back, but exposing that weak part of myself was super cathartic, and allowed me to grow not only as an artist, but also as a person.”

SØF is a sassy, spunky and unapologetic indie-pop artist with a flair for fast-singing and rapping. Seamlessly weaving between genres by incorporating elements that she’s inspired by, SØF has a knack for being eclectic and exceptionally unique. While her onstage persona may be cheeky, SØF is personable and sweet with a passion for philanthropy and giving back. Her soulful vocals combined with her catchy pop hooks and bold lyrics make her a musical force to be reckoned with. “Shame On Me” is available NOW.

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