hollandWith Holland’s debut single ‘Secrets’ seeing her gain support at BBC Introducing The South last year, her first teaser for 2017 is immediately seductive and inventive enough to see her profile rise significantly further. Co-written with Luke Paul Jackson, ‘Forget Your Name’ is produced in association with Jake Gosling’s Sticky Studios (Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Shawn Mendes). bIt’s Holland’s leading vocal however that sets her quite apart here. Conjuring the ethereal cadence of Lorde with a naturally dangerous barb to her tone, the young artist exudes enough swagger to mark her as a bonafide one to watch for the year ahead. Speaking on the track, Holland joined Chant Magazine for an exclusive interview ti unveil some details about herself below:

Holland Press FYN(1).jpeg

Where you are from? I was raised in a little village called West End in Surrey, UK, but was born in Amsterdam in Holland, So I guess you could say I’m from a few places… What’s your alma mater? Collingwood College in Surrey, UK, it’s a massive school which was cool and I made a lot of friends there but to be honest not the best place for music. Who was your inspiration for your career path? If any. My inspiration is the Queen, Beyoncé, I’ve literally been obsessed with her from the age of 5 when she was in Destiny’s Child to now! Also massive fans of Amy Winehouse and Rihanna, they have definitely helped shape me as an artist. Has music always been your passion? 100% yes.  Can’t imagine not having music in my life. Can you talk about your newest projects? Well… My latest single is called “Forget Your Name”, the track has a dark pop kinda vibe but there’s soo much more in the pipeline that I cannot talk about just yet but so excited for everyone to hear and see in the coming months. Where do you go to enjoy yourself or “turnup” (clubs, bars etc.)? 2j1vg5gbI love going to gigs, seeing bands and artists that I might not have heard about before, anywhere with a cool vibe to it with good music to dance to. Who was the most pivotal support system for your career? My mum. She’s supported me throughout and continues to believe in me, in fact it was because of her I am working with Sticky Studios in the UK. Any specific spaces/venues that you go to to hear good live music/poetry/art? Recently, I went to see Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre in London. I’m not a massive musical fan, but I went with one of my closest girl friends and it was an amazing show!  But if we are talking live venues then Omeara London – Ben Lovett from Mumford and Sons’ new place has to be up there right now. Some of your favorite artists that you’ve worked with? Luke Jackson. A amazing singer songwriter, who also co-wrote my new single “Forget Your Name”. What is your favorite poet of all time? To be honest, I don’t read much poetry but I have attended poetry slam nights and it was an educating experience for me. What is your ideal collaboration? It’s always changing, but right now probably MNEK, literally loving everything he has been doing for a while now and would love to get in the studio with him. I’ve heard he’s also the nicest guy too.
Listen to Holland’s new single “Forget Your Name” below:

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