unnamed(33).jpgMoonlight director, Barry Jenkins, showed his appreciation for the slowed-down vibe of chopped and screwed music recently by not only including it in his Oscar-winning film, but by excitedly tweeting about the tribute soundtrack that Houston’s OG Ron C and fellow Chopstar, DJ Candlestick honored his work with. Entitled “Purple Moonlight” the chopped up not slopped up adaptation includes songs from, and inspired by the film and composer Nicholas Britell’s mostly classical score.

Jenkins spoke to Pitchfork last November about the importance of chopped and screwed music for his film, saying, “When you slow things down there’s this emotion, this yearning. I think in some ways, in Moonlight, we’re doing the same thing. There’s this idea, especially in the story, of Black trying to project this idea of masculinity. But as his life slows down you get to see that he’s just sitting there”

Jenkins repeatedly shared the edited soundtrack over the course of Oscar weekend causing it go viral thanks to write-ups by the LA Times, NPR’s All Songs, Fader, Noisey and many others.

You can catch OG Ron C and The Chopstars in Austin soon where they are hosting an official Still Tippin’ SXSW Texas artist showcase. Performers are expected to include Killa Kyleon, DJ Chose, Beat King, Dice Soho, Imaj and Mo3.

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