neesA (2).pngIn the latter half of 2016, Philadelphia rapper, Neesa, has been working closely with Darrol Noah (Owner of Chant Magazine) for her upcoming project Coco Blanco. Chant’s wardrobe team, models & stylists all gathered together to create a new look & direction for Neesa’s brand.giphy5
Neesa’s makeup was acheieved through by image consultant and celebrity PR guru, Savannah Britt. The video “Pretty Brown Skin Poppin” was shot by high end brand videographer, DVVINCI and curated by Chant Magazine. Vivid Optics joined the production to create a behind the scenes video to keep fans stalled in turn for the music video.giphy6“Chant Magazine is helping me accomplish my vision for 2017, I’m so greatful for Noah and his team. The message behind the song is that no matter what a young lady’s complexion she should always be poppin. Light brown, medium or dark, we should celebrate brown skin.” – Neesa

The rumored mixtape, Coco Blanco, is set to be released sometime Summer 2017.

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