Q&A: Chant Magazine interviews Sabrina Parker

 12_sabrina_parker-katewoodsphotoWhere you are from? I was born in Brooklyn New York, and stayed there for 6 weeks before I moved to Puerto Rico with my family. I moved to London when I was 3 years old so i’ve lost pretty much all of my Spanish, and England is my home now. I go back to New York to visit my family every so often, which is awesome. What’s your alma mater? I’m currently studying International History at the London School of Economics (LSE) Who was your inspiration for your career path? If any. I would probably say KT Tunstall, I started listening to her music when her song ‘Black Horse and a Cherry Tree’ came out in 2004,when i was 7, and I decided I had to learn guitar and be just like her. Has music always been one of your passions? Definitely. I used to make up my own songs from when I was really tiny, and I basically used any opportunity to get on the stage in school plays or musicals or talent shows. I was a very tiny person with a huge amount of confidence. Can you talk about your newest projects & singles? My single “Write You Down” is coming out on February 3rd, released by Man in the Moon records, and with a video by Oliver’s Island. Another single will follow a couple of months after, but that’s all I can say for now!

Sabrina’s new song “ Write You Down” was featured on Chant Magazine last week and since then has received great feedback. Chant caught up with the young singer to get to know her a bit better. Where do you go to enjoy yourself or “turnup” (clubs, bars etc.)? Joe’s in Chalk Farm is by far my favourite place to go out, they have the best beer, the best music, and the best dancers in Camden, (London). If it’s a mad night out it has to be Ministry, or XOYO. I swore I’d never go back to Roxy after spending a lot of time there in my last year of school, but we’ll see! Who was the most pivotal support system for your career? My parents, 100%. My mom works in theatre so she knows what it takes to perform and create, and my dad is a civil engineer by trade but is the most incredible painter. Both of them know how to support me, but also when to push me to try harder. They are the most incredible support system.

unspecified-1Any specific spaces/venues that you frequent to hear good live music? Notting Hill Arts Club is an awesome venue for good live music from new artists. Ronnie Scott’s is another favourite but a different feel entirely. Made In Brazil in Chalk Farm have a live band some nights which is, again, very different but very awesome. Some of your favorite artists that you’ve worked with? When I was taking a course at the Roundhouse I got the chance to write a song with my peers with Amy Wadge, who is one of the most hilarious, foul-mouthed, and talented mentees I’ve ever had, and we only worked with her for a day! My producer Tom Kills is an incredible artist and he is by far my favourite person to collaborate with. He can tell a hook and a catchy lyric from a mile away, it’s kind of like his super-power. What is your favorite genre of music to listen to? 

It really depends on the day, which I’m aware is an annoying non-answer. However, I could listen to classic R&B and Soul any time any day anywhere: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, James Morrison, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding. I’m also a sucker for top 40 and rap. What is your ideal collaboration? When I was little, the first CD I took down from my parents CD rack (remember those things?) was Stevie Wonder’s ‘The Definitive Collection’. I covered the case with my barbie stickers and held on to it, I think it’s still somewhere in my room in my parent’s house, and I used to dream about being able to sing with him. I mean, Ariana Grande kinda beat me to it…oh well.

Be sure to check out Sabrina Parker’s new single “Write You Down” below:


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