svfari-for-something-you-love-artworkHaving written songs since the age of ten, it was only last year that SVFARI started to produce music with his own brother. From making beats in their bedrooms, they eventually went on to construct a studio in their own back garden of their home in London.

Following significant attention from tastemakers incl. WONDERLAND, THE LINE OF BEST FIT and GOING SOLO for his debut releases ‘Beautiful Human’ and ‘Switch Your Love’ SVFARI now releases the third installment of his exciting debut EP. ‘For Something You Love’ is a defining mark in SVFARI’s work so far: a sprawling, quasi-orchestral track that seeks to emphasise SVFARI’s spectrum of imagination and creativity. A much starker, pensive, artful instrumentation around SVFARI’s new use of vocoder.
SVFARI 4.jpegSVFARI states about the track: “I wrote ‘For Something You Love’ when I ran into a friend from high school. He had big dreams and a lot of talent, but had somehow spent the last four years in a job climbing the corporate ladder. He was finally making good money but felt stuck in a job he didn’t really believe in. This got me thinking; what if so many other people are living like this and don’t know there’s always another way? This song’s about life being too short not to challenge yourself to do something greater; to do something you love, even if you’re the only one who believes in it.”

With another releases of this natural talent and imagination, SVFARI builds anticipation to  what should be a notable debut EP, released end of January. The sprawling scope of ‘FSYL’ cements SVFARI’s reputation as one of London’s premiere emerging artists.

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