JR Jones Unleashes Visual to “Poppin”

shot 2.jpeg

Kansas City native, JR Jones, is an up and coming Hip-Hop & Reggaeton artist that is ready to take the music industry by storm. Currently living in Los Angeles, CA, the 22 year-old artist has created a movement that is gaining ground quickly. Born to a Mexican-American mother and an African-American father, JR is bringing a unique Afro-Latino mix the music game has never seen.

Just this year, JR released his highly acclaimed EP, The Coronation. The EP has already been featured on 4 different Hip-Hop magazines, 2 radio stations, and has been streamed on Soundcloud over a million times. Following the release of his music, JR released his new clothing brand, “Black Musa Empire”. JR also made his television debut performing live in Spanish on EstrellaTv’s hit show, “Noches Con Platanito”. On the show, JR was praised by the highly-critical judge, Pepe Garza, for his great flow and potential to be star. With all of his many talents, there’s no doubt JR Jones is on his way to the top.

“Poppin” is the first single off of JR’s EP, The Coronation. This heavy hitter exemplifies JR’s introduction to the industry. It’s got a deep, dense bass sound throughout the entire single accompanied by JR’s signature voice and catchy hook. The record is a small sneak peak of the immense talent that is, JR Jones.

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